Cellular Design Codes Vary Depending on the Type:
  • Rigorous Analysis of Cellular Installations
  • Self Supported, Guyed, Monopoles, Water Tanks, Roof Tops, and Stealth
  • Ham Radio Tower Analysis
  • Modification Design of all Cellular Types
  • Rigorous Analysis of High Rise Buildings for Roof Top Installations
  • Stealth Installations and Fiberglass Design
  • Shallow and Deep Foundation Design
  • Grouted Rod/MicroPiles, and Helical Design
  • Class IV Rigging Calculation Reports
  • This Engineer is a Previous Tower Inspector
Cellular Tower, Monopole, Roof Top Stealth, and Foundation Modifications
TIA-222-G, Florida Building Code-2017 (6th Edition), AWWA D100
Cellular Tower Design Experience:
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Roof Top Stealth Mod
Monopole Mods
Transmission Tower
Tower Modifications
New Platform
Concrete Pole Mods
Roof Top Stealth
Water Tank Mounts
Roof Top Stealth
Roof Top Mounts
Daniel F. Ardito, PE
Professional Engineer
5644 S Plantain Pt
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Cellular Towers, Monopoles, Water Tanks, Roof Tops
Vast Experience in the Cellular Industry
Water Tank
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