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Structural Designs
Loading - Strength - Reliability - Calculations
Steel Framing
Steel Framing
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Finite Element Analysis With STAAD
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  • Precise Calculations of Member Forces
  • Smaller Member Sizing Capabilities
  • Fast Re-Analysis Capabilities
  • The More Experience With Finite Elements the Better
  • Finite Element Analysis Should not be the Only Analysis Method Used
  • Hand Calculations are Sometimes Better Than Finite Elements
Structural Design Considerations:
  • Wind Load, Seismic Load, Floor Live Loads, Snow Loads, and Flood Loads
  • Codes to Consider: ASCE-7-10, FEMA Flood Loading
  • Materials: Steel, Aluminum, Concrete, Masonry, Fiberglass, Fabric, Cables, etc
  • Each Material Has its Own Specific Strength Code
  • Strength Codes Based on Testing and Engineering Principles
  • Each Material Has its Strengths and Weaknesses: Ex: Concrete is Not the best
    Material for Tension Loading, Fabric Cannot Resist Compressive Forces
  • Soil & Rock can be Considered a Structural Material
Portable Weather Shelter for Superfund Project
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