Mercantile Design Requirements:
Mercantile occupancy has significant conflicts between owner ideas and fire code
compliance due to "older" existing facilities being exempt.  Most Mercantile
occupancies are actually mixed occupancies.  Examples:

  • Gas stations and Pharmacies like to provide food service
  • Restaurants like to provide retail areas
The Handicap Bathroom Accessible to Public:
Convenience Store With Food Preparation Floor Plan
  • The handicap bathrooms must remain accessible to the public
  • Many older businesses may not provided access
  • All new or renovated spaces are required to comply for a permit to be issued.
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Pharmacy Sample Drawing
  • Building additions for
    Mercantile and other
    occupancies could require
    that the entire building be
    brought into Fire, Handicap,
    Electrical, and/or Structural
    compliance with the current
    Florida Building Code.

  • But in most cases the proper
    sizing of bathrooms and
    other handicap compliance is
    all that is required if the
    proper final layout is used.

  • It is essential to stay within
    code limits for the above
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