• All drawings pre-designed at a reasonable price.
  • No changes to the drawings at the posted price.
  • Most drawings can be mirrored at no extra cost.
  • Some changes may be possible at extra cost.
  • Call or email me to purchase/discuss drawings.
  • Leave voice mail if I do not answer phone. [Sometimes I am busy, sometimes
there is vague or no caller ID] [Too many telemarketing calls these days]
  • Make sure the drawing purchased will fit you site.
  • Make sure the maximum wind speed listed will satisfy your jurisdiction.
  • Site plan for building permits is "not" included in the listed price.
  • Each purchased drawing will certify one installation only.
  • Most jurisdictions will require you to pull a building permit.
  • Each Installation will need a site specific owner name and site address.
  • (4)-sets of certified drawings will be mailed to you after money is received.
  • Material estimate (if provided) is not certified by engineer and may not reflect
current prices.  Material prices have been researched "online" at various
lumber stores.  A material list is provided for your own pricing.
  • More drawings may be added to this site as I complete them.
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