Due to the complexity, confusion, arguments, and frustration from previous projects, currently I do not accept
“After the Fact Permit” projects but have kept this topic within this report for your reference.

Building without permits or engineering can cause future problems.  The Building Department can impose
heavy fines on a daily basis to be added to your taxes until said building is removed or approved by an
Engineer or Architect.

The Building Department can be informed of non-permitted activities through the following:

  • Neighbor’s Complaints and Ex Family
  • Property Appraisers Reports
  • County Officials Living Nearby or Driving by
  • Items Shown on Engineered Plans for New Construction Can Also Reveal Previous Un-Permitted Work
    to the Plans Reviewers
  • You Can Even be Held Responsible for Previous Owners Un-Permitted Activities

After-The-Fact construction is no different than new construction, all must be in compliance with the Florida
Building Code.  Obtaining After-The-Fact approval can be extensive and expensive due to the fact that most
structural items are hidden.  The building department has been requiring engineer's approval on all missed
inspections.  (these items would need to be exposed for they cannot be approved without viewing)  I have
encountered the following problems with After-the-fact approvals:

  • The roof and wall plywood sheathing must be nailed to roof trusses and wall studs with the appropriate
    nailing patterns.  Usually the shingles, felt, and siding cover this so they cannot be viewed.

  • The very nature of reinforced concrete and masonry systems does not allow a full approval of the  
    foundation, block wall, and/or bond beam systems.  The presence of steel can sometimes be verified with a
    metal detector, but the detector tells very little about quantity, size, laps, hooks, placement, etc of the
    reinforcing.  If wire mesh is present under the stucco finish the presence of steel cannot be confirmed with
    any confidence.

  • Doors and Windows that have original manufacturers wind rating stickers removed cannot be approved
    without some sort of structural analysis/inspection.

  • Electrical is a major burden to trace, and most plumbing is embedded below the floor slab.

  • I have heard “most” of the comments/excuses already and believe me when I say that I am not approving
    any construction for any of the following comments:

  • “I Have Been Building for Many (Usually 20 to 40) Years and I Know How to Build” (Most are
    very good with downward forces but forget or have not considered “uplift” or “side” winds)
  • “I Did Not Know I Needed Permits” (This is getting harder to believe each year)
  • “Its all Been Built to Code” (I ask a few questions about the code and the truth becomes clear)
  • “Its Just a Shed” (Sheds/Garages/Barns/etc. are all subject to FBC requirements)
  • “Terminal Illness” I have also had people call that indicated they were dying and needed to get the
    project approved real fast

I have in the past prepared construction drawings that show how the structure “should” have been constructed
(and I did try to make what had been built work), but I will not approve that the structure has actually be
constructed in full compliance with my drawings or the FBC.  There are too many hidden items to guess at
(rebar, plywood nailing, steel connectors, etc)

Keep in mind that the Engineer/Architect is liable for the “approved” structure when the Insurance Company’s
engineer finds construction errors that have been certified within an After-The-Fact drawing/inspection.
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